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Taking frequent backups of your website files and databases is crucial for restoring business continuity in the event of any data loss. Imagine the disruption, cost and loss of sales if your website had to be rebuilt due to a malicious hacker or unexpected loss of critical data? How much have you invested, could you afford to rebuild from scratch? The results could be disastrous and the costs immeasurable.
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Every 0.65 seconds, a new web page is infected with malware.

We’ve worked with a number of clients who have had their websites defaced with offensive material by hackers, lost crucial legal files and even had their website taken offline by their hosting company because a hacker had infected their website with malware causing harm to visitors. Sometimes it’s not even immediately obvious that your site’s been hacked. How would you know?

If someone deleted your website today what harm would it do? Could you recover?

We we’re recently approached by a new client to help them recover their website following a deliberate and malicious attack. Hackers had modified hundreds of files and infected the site with Malware in a successful attempt to cause harm to anyone visiting their website. The results we crippling to the company. The effectiveness of the hack was such that the client wasn’t aware of these issues for almost 6 weeks, at which point the damage had been done and the site taken offline. The disruption to service was immense and very costly to their business in terms of loss of sales and the costs to rebuild their website. If they had monitoring in place to track changes to their website files and an effective backup solution in place they could have identified the hack immediately and restored the affected files within minutes. Enter CodeGuard.

What is CodeGuard?

CodeGuard is a service that can keep track of all changes made to your web site. Tracking all changes either hourly, daily, or weekly, it retains a copy of each sweep as a different version allowing you to select a suitable restore point at any point. Not only does CodeGuard tell you how many files were added, changed, or deleted, but it also tell you what files, and when the changes occurred. And should you need to restore anything, you can do it with a couple of clicks of a button. Either restore your entire website (and databases) or select individual files. So if your preventative measures fail you, you know you always have a recent backup of your website files and database to turn to.

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