Other Digital Services

WEBxMedia LIMITED is a web design and development studio delivering expert and cost effective solutions.

Managed Web Hosting.

We assist clients with the provision of managed hosting solutions. We have our preferred hosting partners – United Hosting and Digital Ocean. These providers deliver fast, secure, and scalable environments, with added backups for peace of mind. We all know the risks of not keeping your PC up to date, spam, viruses. Web servers are no different; this is why we will not compromise on security, as all our solutions include managed web-hosting as standard.

WordPress Plugin Development.

WordPress is many things to many people, big and small. It powers different types of businesses online presence in different ways. From blogging and news-based websites to high volume eCommerce product based sites, it can handle them all. Need it to power your iOS application? Sure, it the right pair of hands it can do that too. That is why we highly recommend WordPress.


Your brand, your identity, your customers’ perception of your company and what it does. A good brand communicates a clear message about your company’s principles and how it positions itself amongst its competitors. It is more visual than a logo and has greater depth than design guidelines; it is a state of mind. Nurturing and protecting your brand is essential if you want to maintain a loyal customer base and attract new followers.

Website Optimisation.

Super fast, well-optimised web pages improve user experience, retention, and conversions. Slow, unresponsive web pages, by comparison, will cause dissatisfaction and lead to a reduction in conversions and ranking position. By applying best practices to your site and server environment, we can dramatically improve the speed of your site by often as much as 75%.

Disaster Recovery.

Handling the fallout from being hacked can be horrendous. As well as the direct and indirect costs – which can be considerable – there is the loss of service and damage to your brand. Preventing your website from being compromised in the first place is without question the way to go. Consider this for a moment, how would you know if hacked? Not all types of cyber attacks are immediately apparent.