We fix websites!

It happens. How to handle the fallout from being hacked is as important as investing the time into preventing your website from being compromised in the first place. Consider this for a moment, how would you know if you’ve been hacked? Not all forms of website attacks are obvious. Often harmful code is injected without visitors or your awareness.

Unfortunately we receive requests for support almost every month where a client’s website has been impacted by some form of malware, injected content or other harmful forms of attack. Generally speak though, if identified early the harm can be undone quickly and security restored. If left, the damage can escalate, with search engines blocking your website altogether.

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Get in touch

If you believe your website has been hacked or compromised in any way please get in touch to request urgent assistance. Initial investigation free of charge.

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We’ve successfully recovered or restored websites that have been damaged by harmful code. Often within a matter of hours of the initial request.


We offer free investigation to confirm the extent of the damage. This helps us estimate how much time will be required to recover your website.


Once your websites back online we then make suggestions on how to secure your website. Such as backups, monitoring and more.