Turbo-charge your web site!

Super fast, well optimised web pages improve user experience, retention and conversions. Slow, unresponsive web pages by comparison will lead to dissatisfied visitors and a reduction in your google ranking position. Something to avoid if your business relies on website traffic for sales and happy customers. We employ a number of page speed and optimisation tools to help us identify performance issues with your website.

By applying best practices to your site and server environment we can dramatically improve the speed of your site by often as much as 75%. If you want to get the best out of your site then contact us to request an optimisation performance review.

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Improve the speed of your site by as much as 75%. Let us make your website faster, leaner and trouble free

So what’s involved?

To begin with we take a close look under the hood of your website. We carry out a series of extensive reviews including page speed, markup validation and performance grading – amongst others – to obtain a clear view on how well your site is currently performing. Our approach is similar to an M.O.T for your car. We test everything and depending on the outcome this generates a list of actionable tasks. This may well involve compressing images, moving content to a CDN, fixing validation errors as well as restructuring the framework of your pages so that they are minified, load faster and work better across all the different types of web browsers and mobile devices. The net result is a leaner, faster website that will be loved by all.

How much will it cost me?

Not optimising your website will absolutely cost you more in the long term than any investment you make to optimise it. Google will penalise you if your site is slow, bloated and contains errors. That said optimising a website takes time, patience and investment. Many smaller websites will take around a day to optimise and benefit from an immediate improvement in user experience. More complex websites, such as eCommerce take longer and involve more work, typically because of their content management framework. Our costs start from just £255. Drop us an enquiry and find out how we can help you.